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Hunting area and informations

If you have a desire to spend a few beautiful days in a beautiful landscape surrounded by green forests, lakes and streams, where you can come across of outstanding quality and quantity of wildlife, and want to experience the passion for hunting, visit us! 

The Hunor-Almamellék Hunting Organization is located in Dél-Zselic, which is one of the most remarkable areas of the south of Hungary. The vast forests of Zselic were once and still famously good hunting grounds, according to tradition, Sigismund of Luxembourg, King Matthias and Miklós Zrínyi also hunted here. The characteristic landscape of the hunting area is given by the large, contiguous forests covering the wide, flat hills, interspersed with meadows, fishponds and fields. Our hunting area includes 6773 acres of land, in the vicinity of Almamellék and the surrounding settlements, where about 230 hunting seats are installed. The area is famous for big game, we mainly hunt red deer, roe deer and wild boar. The red deer herd is also excellent in terms of numbers and quality, but the roe deer and wild boar herds are also remarkable. 

Please take a look at the maps of our hunting area below. In the picture gallery you will find pictures of our guests and their trophies. If you feel like visiting us, please contact us at any of the contact details provided under the contact menu!

Furthermore, there is another value to add to the evening hunts during which we can also admire the clearest night sky in the country. Due to the topographic conditions and the fact that it is one of the least populated parts of the country, the pollution is extremely low, so the stars shine the brightest in this area, the Milky Way can be seen most clearly from here  (Zselici Star Park).